Dropbox announces Mailbox and Carousel for Android

BY Rita El Khoury

Published 9 Apr 2014


Dropbox has launched today two new apps for Android devices: Carousel, an intelligent gallery, and Mailbox, the famous iOS email client that it purchased over a year ago.

Mailbox, like its iOS counterpart, is an email client with many added benefits. For starters, it shows you a unified inbox of all your different accounts so you don’t have to keep switching back and forth between them. Then there are swipe gestures that can either archive, trash or snooze an email for later. Mailbox is smart, in that it will learn your swipes and automates your most common actions.

The app even goes as far as dividing your inbox into three separate views that treat email as a task list. Inbox is the middle tab with email displayed as you’re accustomed to seeing it. Later is the left tab that only lists the emails you have snoozed and still need to attend to. Archive is the right tab with the emails that you are completely done with.

The second app, Carousel, is a smart gallery of all your locally-stored and Dropbox-saved photos and videos. Your memories are organized as they should be, by event (date and place) and are easily and quickly shareable in private conversations. Other participants can add photos to an event to complete the collection of memories from every angle.

Mailbox is already available for download from the Play Store, while Carousel should be coming later today. You’ll be able to find the direct link to the Store through the Carousel website.