DO Launcher brings Blinkfeed to your Android device

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 9 Feb 2014


HTC’s Sense UI has long been considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing OEM skins out there. With the HTC One, the company introduced a new version of Sense with Blinkfeed, which aimed to redefine your home screen by being an aggregator for all your social media accounts and news.

While the Sense 5 launcher cannot be ported to other Android devices because of its heavy reliance on some proprietary Sense framework files, it surely can be imitated. DO Launcher from doga.ozkaraca does exactly that and brings the whole Sense 5 launcher experience, including Dogafeed (a Blinkfeed copy), to your Android device.

The app is in initial stages of development and has some rough edges. However, it succeeds in its mission of successfully replicating the Sense 5 launcher. The Dogafeed home screen does not support Twitter or Facebook integration at the moment, but the developer plans on adding it sometime soon. The launcher also includes the Sense 5 like app-drawer, which can only be accessed from the Dogafeed home screen.

Below is the full feature set of DO Launcher -:

– Dogafeed (A.K.A Blinkfeed)
– Sense 5 Launcher Animations.
– Weather on homescreen.
– Sense 5 Themed.
– Custom RSS Feeds.
– Various Different Themes

A beta version of DO launcher can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. You can also head over to this XDA thread for download links and providing feedback to the developer. The launcher will work on all Android devices running 4.1 or higher devices.