Datzing wants to be iBeacon for Android

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 22 Jan 2014

Apple launched something called iBeacon last summer that allows store owners, museums, anyone really, to interact with iPhones via Bluetooth low energy. So say you have an iPhone in your pocket and you’re in the dairy aisle at your local super market. Because the super market installed an iBeacon behind the refrigerator that holds the milk, your iPhone will buzz and tell you that there’s a sale going on. The idea to do this isn’t new, but the technology that enables it is finally here. But hold on, what if you’re an Android user?

This is where Datzing comes in. It’s Frank Nuovo’s baby. For those who don’t know Frank, he designed some of Nokia’s most iconic phones. During the later stages of his career, he even designed the company’s ultra expensive Vertu phones. Back to Datzing, it’s essentially iBeacon for Android, but with the added benefit that you can turn just about any mobile phone into a Datzing device. Have an old Android phone laying around? In seconds, you can have it broadcasting your company’s website, an image, a coupon, anything really, to people passing by.

So what’s the catch? Users have to sign up and install the Datzing app.

Compare that to iBeacon, which comes baked into iOS 7. Any iPhone, including the two year old iPhone 4s, instantly compatible becomes compatible with iBeacon once the user updates their phone. Think about how many devices will be able to support that with zero configuration, versus Datzing, which has to spend money promoting their application and hope that Google doesn’t decide to copy their idea and integrate it into the next version of Android.

[Via: The Verge]