CyanogenMod reverts the latest OnePlus One touchscreen firmware due to excessive battery drain

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 18 May 2015


Late last week, the OnePlus and CyanogenMod team added a new touchscreen firmware from Synaptics to CM12.1/12 nightlies that fixed the touch screen issues plaguing the handset right from its launch.

Sadly for OnePlus One users, this new touchscreen firmware is being reverted by the CyanogenMod team in the latest nightly build of CM12.1/12 due to excessive battery drain with double tap to wake enabled. In all probability, the Synaptics and CyanogenMod team will find a workaround to this issue eventually.

While OnePlus, Synaptics and Cyanogen have rolled out multiple touchscreen firmware updates for the One since its launch last year to fix the multi-touch issues, the problem still persisted for a majority of users. However, the latest firmware seemed to fix all the multi-touch issues plaguing the handset for good.

For now though, if you don’t want to live with the excessive battery drain on your OnePlus One, you can either install the latest CM12.1/12 nightly or simply turn off double tap to wake for the time being.

Thanks for the tip @kalpik