You Can Now Manually Save Your Parking Spot in Google Maps

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Mar 2017

Google Now on Android has long been able to automatically remember where you parked, but the feature was unreliable since it made use of the various sensors and the activity recognition system of the OS to detect when you have stopped moving. Now, Google is updating its Maps app to add the option to quickly save a parking spot. To save a parking spot, simply tap on the blue dot icon and select the “save your parking” option.

Once you save your parking spot, Google Maps will show a notification reminding you of the location. Additionally, you can add photos of the parking spot, the level at which you parked your car, and there is even a ‘time left’ option for the parking meter. You will also automatically get a reminder when your parking time is about to expire. The marked location will show up on Maps with a big ‘P’ icon with the remaining time left for the parking time to expire.

While automatic parking spot saving has been present in Google Now for quite a while now, it was unreliable in most cases. It ended up showing the parking spot card even when one took public transport. With users now manually adding a parking spot, the issue of a wrong location being marked as the parking spot is completely eliminated. And since Google is now letting users add more information as well, one can add critical information like parking level, the exit gate, and more in parking spots with spotty GPS connection.

The new Parking spot feature is present in Google Maps v9.49 for Android.

[Via Ars Technica]