Best Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ Apps

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 6 Mar 2019

Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ represent the very best of what Samsung has to offer in a smartphone in 2019. With its Galaxy S10 series, Samsung has fixed almost every gripe of its previous flagship devices, including the software. And while the Galaxy S10 is a great phone, you can further enhance its usability by using some apps that complement its various features or just make the overall experience of using it better.

Some of the apps below are my personal favorite while others will simply help in further customizing One UI on the Galaxy S10 to your liking.

Best Apps for Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+

#1 Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher logo

Samsung’s new One UI might be a massive step up from its previous software offering. Its lighter than before and the amount of clutter has also been significantly reduced. Despite all that, I am still not a fan of Samsung’s stock launcher. It is still not as functional as Nova Launcher — hands down the best third-party launcher available on the Google Play Store.

Nova Launcher offers a plethora of options, too many to list here. Using the launcher, you can set up the home screen on your Galaxy S10 just the way you want it to. Some notable features of the launcher include:

  • Home screen and App Drawer grid customization
  • Custom icon pack support
  • Gesture support
  • App Search
  • Sesame integration
  • New animations

There are plenty of other customization options offered by Nova Launcher. Simply install the launcher and use it for a few days to get used to it and the features it offers.

Download: Nova Launcher

#2 Sesame Universal Search

If you end up giving Nova Launcher a try, you must also try Sesame on your Galaxy S10. It is a universal search app that lets you quickly search through your installed apps, contacts, photos, Google Drive, and more.

With Nova launcher integration, you can do almost anything you want to via Sesame in just a few taps. For example, you can directly search for directions to a place without opening Google Maps in Sesame or open a Telegram group or even search for a file in your Google Drive account. The possibilities with Sesame is unlimited.

Download: Sesame Universal Search

#3 Good Lock

If you have ever used a flagship Samsung phone before, you must already know about Good Lock. If not, Good Lock is an app from Samsung itself that will allow you to customize various aspects of the UI. These customizations run far deeper than what third-party apps will offer. For example, using Good Lock, you can customize the navigation bar by adding a custom fourth button, change the notification shade to behave like iOS, customize the lock screen, Routines, Sound Assistant, and more.

The app is only available for download from the Galaxy Store. The Galaxy S10 compatible version of the app will be made available for download from March 8.

#4 Gboard

Gboard logo

For some reason, Samsung continues to ship its Galaxy devices with its own keyboard instead of Gboard. The same is true for the Galaxy S10 series as well. Well, the first thing that one should do after setting up their Galaxy S10 is to download Gboard on it.

The sheer amount of features that Gboard offers over Samsung’s stock keyboard is no joke. You get GIF and stickers search, native Google search and translate integration, themes, support for a plethora of languages, multi-lingual support, and more.

There’s really no reason for you to not use Gboard on your Galaxy S10.

Download: Gboard

#5 Google Camera

icon Google Camera

The Galaxy S10’s camera is pretty darn good. It may not beat the Pixel 3 in low-light or dynamic range but it is still pretty impressive. If you want to take even better photos with your Galaxy S10 though, you should consider using a modded Google Camera APK to shoot pictures from it.

The modded Google Camera APK brings Google’s magical HDR+ processing to your Galaxy S10 and further improves the overall camera performance of the device. Sure, the app is a bit unstable and you cannot use all its features but if all you care about is taking the best photos from your Galaxy S10, you must give the Google Camera app a try.

For now, the modded Google Camera APK has been confirmed to work properly only on the Snapdragon 855-powered variant of the Galaxy S10. However, an Exynos compatible version should also be available soon.

Download: Google Camera

What are your favorite and must have apps for the Galaxy S10 series? Drop a comment and let us know!