AT&T Moto X coming on August 23rd; Initial Moto Maker orders to ship with Skip

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 16 Aug 2013


Cannot wait to get your hands on the Moto X? AT&T has just announced that it will start stocking the Moto X from August 23rd for $199 and $249.99 for the 16GB and 32GB variants, respectively. In stores, the Moto X will only be available in black or white colors. 

However, major AT&T stores will also feature a table which will show all the customization options of the Moto X. AT&T will also select a few lucky people who registered at its Moto X sign-up page, and allow them to order the device, after customizing it, starting from August 19th.

“We’re excited to be the first carrier to offer you a chance to design a smartphone that’s truly yours,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president – Devices, AT&T. “We’ve worked closely with Motorola to create a tailored display, sales, and distribution processes to get these customized devices into your hands quickly so you can start enjoying all Moto X has to offer, all on the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network.”

Here is a quick rundown of all the customization features that the Moto X website will feature -:

  • Color options for the front and back
  • Accent colors for the power key, volume key and camera ring
  • Adding your name or short message on the back of the phone
  • Unique wallpapers
  • Custom power-on message
  • Memory capacity – 16GB or 32GB

AT&T will also be giving away a free Skip with all Moto X ordered through the Moto Maker website. If you live in the United States, use the AT&T network, and are interested in buying the Moto X, the above news should be music to your ears. However, if you are on any other carrier or part of the world, you will have to wait patiently for your turn to arrive.