Amazon is offering a 20 percent discount when you buy three Fire 7 tablets

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 19 May 2017

Amazon introduced some new Fire gear this week including a refreshed Fire 7 tablet. To celebrate, the online retailer is offering a 20 percent discount when you buy three Fire 7 slates enter the code FIRE3CK at checkout. The deal applies to the 8GB 16GB versions with or without special offers.

ile you can get the deal today, the new Fire 7 won’t ship until ne 7–about two a half weeks from now. 

icing for the Fire 7 ranges from $50 for the 8GB tablet with Special Offers to $85 for the 16GB version without Special Offers. If you aren’t familiar with Amazon’s tablets, “Special Offers” are lower cost versions of Amazon’s devices that come with built-in advertising.

The new Fire 7 is thinner lighter than its predecessor with some display improvements. The best part of the Fire 7, however, is that since October it has come with exa, Amazon’s digital personal assistant. exa can do everything from tell you the weather forecast to control your smart home lighting system. Soon, some exa skills will also get push notifications available on an opt-in basis.

Amazon’s 20 percent off deal lasts through Tuesday, ne 6.

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[Today’s deal: Three Fire 7 tablets for 20 percent off on Amazon.]