How to Incorporate Surveys on Your App (And y You Should)

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 15 May 2017

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Advertising is a great way to monetize your app, but did you know you can tap into an additional revenue source that pays even more?

A great monetization option for publishers is available with the Surveywalls powered by Survata. The short, 30 second surveys, offer an additional revenue stream that engages users. In exchange for completing a survey, you can offer your users rewards – encouraging greater use of your app. Check out this demo to see how answering a 10-second survey provides access to premium content.

“If you have a photo app, you can offer a new pack of stickers or unique frames. If you have a music streaming app, you can give them half an hour of ad-free listening,” said zz Sahota, head of the publisher network at Survata.  

Better compensation

How many surveys you offer where you place them is up to you. “You can have a survey when users first open the app offer another later with a reward of extra currency for your game,” Sahota said. Surveys are complementary to your current ad stack don’t compete with what you have currently running.

Surveys are also simple to integrate. Survata provides an easy-to-follow software development kit. If you’re already using a mediation platform like Mob or AppNexus, they also have tags available so you don’t need to integrate an SDK. “Our hs-on tech team supports developers through the integration process,” Sahota said.

Running surveys usually pays more than running display ads. Because gathering data is fundamental to Survata’s business model, its surveys provide a more stable revenue stream than advertising dollars, which come go with campaigns. “Our clients—Clorox, Unilever, amp;G, other Fortune 500 brs—rely on our publisher network to gather data insights to make business decisions,” Sahota said. 

Additionally, Survata has the ability to profile your user base share that data with you – allowing you to better underst, sell, your audience to advertisers. 

Fully engaged

Because surveys are fun for users, completion rates are high. That’s because surveys engage users in a way that ads can’t.  Customers who are fully engaged represent a 23% premium over other users in terms of profitability, revenue, relationship growth, according to Gallup research.

Not only are they loyal, they serve as br ambassadors, spreading the word about how fun your app is.  

A good survey is simple interactive, getting customers in the habit of taking action responding to offers. One survey found that interactive content is 94% more effective than passive content in generating conversions. Nevertheless, 75% of marketers aren’t using it.

ich brings up another benefit: hosting surveys makes you st out. Eighty-eight percent of people who consume interactive content say it is effective at differentiating a product from competitors, a DemMetric survey found.

th so many competing apps out there, it’s no longer enough to have a great product. You need to offer a fun, engaging experience to users the entire time they’re on your app. Surveys do that while providing an additional revenue source that doesn’t compete with ads.

arn about monetizing content experiences, increasing ad revenue with Survata Surveylls.