Five to Try: Star rs: zzle Droids activates, Classroom opens up to everyone

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 28 Apr 2017

Another week nears its end, that means there’s been another week of big ay Store releases that you might have missed. Seeking some exciting new apps games to toss onto your Android phone? ok no further.

Star rs: zzle Droids pairs the likes of BB-8 R2-D2 with Cy Crush matching, while Classroom can now be used by anyone to assist learning experiences of all sorts. Adult Swim’s very weird Robot Unicorn Attack 3 is also out this week, along with a well-timed Gorillaz experience app for the virtual b’s new album, while Invert is an intriguing indie puzzler. Clear a little space hit the ay Store for some fresh downloads.

Star rs: zzle Droids 

fivetotry april28 starwarspuzzle

zzle Droids isn’t ambitious, but it is nicely presented.

May 4 is Star rs Day (“May the fourth…”), fans are still buzzing from the first The st di trailer at the recent Star rs Celebration. If you too love Star rs, then here’s something else you might want to try: Star rs: zzle Droids. There’s really no beating around the bush here: it’s a Star rs version of Cy Crush Saga

zzle Droids mines the same kind of match-three formula as you create sets of like-colored items on the board, create utilize power-ups from larger matches, attempt to satisfy each level’s dems before you run out of turns. It’s not a very inspiring creation, admittedly. However, if you like this kind of straightforward puzzle gameplay, but have exhausted the Cy Crush series or don’t love its aesthetic, then zzle Droids might satisfy. It currently has 50+ stages featuring characters settings from Star rs: The Force Awakens, but more will likely come.


fivetotry april28 googleclassroom

Create your own virtual classroom to keep everyone connected.

Classroom has been available on Android for a couple years now, letting teachers students stay connected organized online. However, until recently, it was only usable by those with a G Suite for ucation account. st month, opened the service up to all of its users, now this week, anyone can also use the app to create their own classrooms. 

at’s the point? ll, Classroom may have been designed for connecting to traditional learning environments, but it remains a smartly organized tool for collaboration learning of all sorts. So if you’re running a club or want to share knowledge as a mentor, you could use the app to keep everyone connected on the same page with announcements, assignments, notes, more. It can be a pretty hy tool for educators learners of all stripes.

Robot Unicorn Attack 3

fivetotry april28 robotunicorn3

Adult Swim has the market cornered on absurdist unicorn games.

One of mobile gaming’s most confounding delightful experiences is back in action with Adult Swim’s new Robot Unicorn Attack 3. In case you missed the previous entries, the game really is as strange as it sounds: you’ll comm a mechanized unicorn as you gallop leap across floating fantasy platforms smash through giant star gems enemies, all in the hopes of setting a new high score. Oh, the song “ways” by Erasure plays on an endless loop.

Robot Unicorn Attack 3 keeps the basics from the last entry, albeit with more of a zoomed-in, 3D look, but there’s a lot more freemium stuff between runs. Now you can build up a citadel for your robotic steeds, build stables, sacrifice collected unicorns to upgrade your favorites. It’s all still funny at first blush, but we’ll have to see whether this familiar gag remains entertaining over the long haul again in RUA3.


fivetotry april28 gorillaz

Move your phone to look around freely—or switch to VR mode.

Cartoon b Gorillaz—created by Blur frontman Damon barn artist mie Hewlett—are back with a br new album out today (Humanz) an impending tour, they’ve also released an odd little Android app. Exploring the personalities of the four virtual b members, the app lets you look around their living spaces interact with various objects.

Unfortunately, a lot of what you’ll find are just links to external content: Spotify playlists generated for each member, video interviews, or the Gorillaz’ online shop. In some cases, you can watch external content then answer questions to unlock further things in the app, but the constant back forth is annoying. Still, the atmosphere is intriguing, plus it has some augmented reality elements a VR mode for anyone who has a Cardboard viewer around. 


fivetotry april28 invert

Tap along the edges to flip entire rows, columns, or sets of tiles.

If Star rs meets Cy Crush won’t satisfy your puzzle urge this week, maybe Invert ($3) can do the trick instead. This calmer indie puzzler is built around flipping tiles to solve puzzles, with each level giving you a grid of shapes split between two colors. Tapping one of the little markers on the outside of the grid can flip an entire row or column of tiles to the other color, you’ll have limited moves to turn the whole thing into the same color.

Before long, you’ll also encounter buttons that flip certain groups or patterns of tiles, which really changes up your thinking, then the square tiles give way to triangles hexagons in later stages. It’s a serious brainteaser, but Invert won’t prod you too hard thanks to its play-at-your-own-pace design, along with a minimal aesthetic some tranquil background tunes.