Moto adds some premium flair to the budget G5 G5 us

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 26 Feb 2017

Ever since novo took Motorola Mobility off ‘s hs, it’s shown a willingness to take risks, most notably with the surprisingly successful Moto Z its family of magnetic mods. Its G series phones are on the other end of that spectrum: safe, affordable, surprisingly capable.

The G5 G5 us unveiled at Mobile rld Congress continue that trend. Still aimed at the budget market, the new new metal-wrapped phone comes in two varieties, the G5 G5 us, but the visual differences aren’t as stark as their names would have you believe. The base G5 features a 5-inch Full HD 1080 x 1920 D display, while the G5 us has a slightly bigger 5.2-inch one.

Each has a home button/fingerprint sensor on the front, will be available in gold gray. ile not technically water resistant, the G5s do include a splash-proof coating so you don’t have to freak out when it starts raining.

However, the us has some big advantages under the hood. le the G5 includes a typical-for-this-price Snapdragon 430 processor, the G5 us sports an upgraded Snapdragon 625. Neither uses a dual system in their Hal 9000-esque camera eye, but the G5 camera has 13Mf/2.0 lens while the G5 us lowers the megapixels to 12 but massively beefs up its low-light capabilities with bigger pixels a f/1.7 aperture. Both phones feature 5Mselfie cams.

Elsewhere, you get 2GB of RAM on both models up to 32GB of storage on the G5, while the us ups the ante to 64GB. Additionally, the G5, which will not be available in the United States, features a 2,800mAh removable battery, the U.S.-bound us has a slightly larger 3,000mAh one that is sealed inside the case. Some markets will feature built-in NFC for mobile payments, but strangely the U.S. model will not. 

The phones will support Android 7.0 out of the box include many of Moto’s UX tweaks, including Moto Display (formerly Active Display) that lets you get a peek at our notifications when the display is off, both phones will feature support for Assistant out of the box. One interesting tweak exclusive to the G5 us is One Button Nav, which lets you quickly navigate through screens using the fingerprint reader. 

Both phones will be available in h, with the us model costing $229 for 32GB.

Hello from the other side: Moto’s G phones have always had a singular reason for existing: Value. That hasn’t changed with the G5, but the new metal enclosure continues to blur the line between budget premium. For a little more than $200, you’re getting a very decent phone that won’t feel like you’ve compromised just to save a few bucks.