Android device updates: Sprint, T-Mobile Galaxy S7 S7 ge make the leap to Nougat

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Feb 2017

At long last, Nougat is coming to Galaxy S7 S7 ge phones—at least, those from Sprint AT&T. Nougat is also rolling out to T-Mobile’s Stylo 2.

Meanwhile, may have identified an annoying bug that was vexing some xel owners.

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Galaxy S7: T-Mobile’s update page notes that you’ll need your phone’s battery to be at 50 percent or higher to get the fresh Nougat update. It includes all the great features you’ve been waiting for, so check for an update if you haven’t received a push notification yet.

Galaxy S7 ge: Same story here, with T-Mobile confirming that the new software is now ready to download. 

Stylo: This phone got an unexpected boost from the Galaxy Note7 debacle thanks to its stylus support. The T-Mobile update is now available with the latest build of Nougat.


Galaxy S7: Several readers reported to Android lice that Nougat was arriving on their phones. The official Sprint changelog doesn’t yet reflect this, but the updates often start heading out before that happens.

Galaxy S7 ge: Android Nougat is also said to be hitting the ge model, so check for an update if you have this device.


xel, xel X A nasty bug has appeared for some that’s causing Bluetooth connectivity to drop at rom. A r has responded to a lengthy forum post to announce a fix has been identified will come in a future release. If all goes well, it could be bundled with the upcoming h security patch.