Android device updates: T-Mobile begins rolling out Nougat to Galaxy S7, S7 ge beta testers

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 17 Feb 2017

The Galaxy S7 S7 ge are real stouts with their hardware design. The software, however, is another story. Nougat is finally coming to some T-Mobile users after a lengthy beta test.

Sprint’s HTC One A9 is also getting Android 7.0, we have the latest report of just how many (or in this case, how few) phones are actually up-to-speed with Nougat.

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Galaxy S7, S7 ge: According to Android lice a number of other reports, the Nougat update is first coming to those enrolled in the Samsung beta program. The official T-Mobile update page doesn’t list the software update coming yet, but we can expect it to hit everyone after it goes first to the beta enrollees.


HTC One A9: Nougat is on the way. According to Sprint, the update also brings you up to speed with the nuary security patch. ile there should be an over-the-air update available, you can download the 1.86GB file install it yourself.


February dashboard update: Nougat hit a milestone, but it’s a small one. The latest figures from show Nougat at a whopping one percent of all active devices.

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The biggest boost to Nougat will likely come when the Galaxy S7 line other popular phones get the update when this year’s batch of new phones like the Galaxy S8 G6 roll out.