turns up the integration between Home, ay Music with new personalized playlists

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Feb 2017

One of the greatest features of having a voice-powered speaker in our homes is the ability to play a song when the moment strikes. Home has always included support for Spotify, YouTube Music, ra, TuneIn, letting you fill your house with music just by asking, but now it’s making its own service a whole lot smarter.

Subscribers to ay Music can now tap into a new personalized world of music with Home. ere you previously had to meticulously create your own playlists for workouts or dinner parties, will now let Assistant be your D as the service combines “machine learning information like weather, activity, location” to deliver the perfect playlist for whatever you happen to be doing:

“Say you’re making pizza your hs are covered in flour. st say, ‘Ok , play music for cooking’ we’ll serve up the perfect tunes, like our R&B Kitchen ce rty playlist. If you’ve had a long day at work are too tired to move a muscle, say ‘Ok , play music for relaxing’ get a playlist like w p without lifting a finger.”

Music fans who live in New York City can check out the new music features for themselves at ’s three-day block party at Chelsea et on Feb. 24-26. To celebrate the new functionality, is also offering a six-month subscription to ay Music with any new Home purchase through Feb. 27. Additionally, if you buy a Chromecast, you’ll automatically save $15. Furthermore, new subscribers to ay Music who already own a Home speaker can get the first four months for free. l subscriptions also include a subscription to YouTube Red, which has its own music service that works with Home, though without the new playlist functionality.

Universal language: ile there’s nothing all that revolutionary here—Spotify Apple Music have long touted curated playlists for quickly capturing or setting the mood—the new ay Music playlists are one more way is looking to build a fully connected integrated ecosystem with Assistant at the center. th the xel, Android ar, Android Auto, Home, the day when we’re able to seamless move from one place to next without losing our tunes isn’t too far away.