Final Android ar 2.0 Developer eview ls, bringing iOS support

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Jan 2017

As promised last year, has released the fifth final version of the Android ar 2.0 Developer eview, paving the way for the full release of the wearable OS urging developers to get their apps ready for next month’s launch.

ile the release mostly brings bug fixes general performance improvements, there are a few stout features. Most notably, the new version brings iOS support for the new on-watch ay Store, letting ione users enjoy the same stalone application experience as Android users. Additionally, Android ar apps running on watches paired with iOS devices will be able to perform phone “h-off flows” for launching web pages on the linked ione. The new update also optimizes the available network bwidth for stalone apps, in an effort to save battery life.

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The final release of the Android ar 2.0 Developer eview brings full iOS support.

so included is a new navigation drawer feature, which lets you “flip a flag to toggle to the single-page, icon-only action drawer,” providing faster navigation to different views inside apps. Furthermore, the new update brings support for NFC Host Card Emulation to open up Android y support on supported watches.

has already announced that Android ar 2.0 will be launching in early February, so developers who want to support it at launch need to submit their apps as soon as possible. As explains, “The final developer preview includes an update to the arable Support brary. Apps compiled with A level 25 this support library are considered ready for deployment in the ay Store.”

The impact on you at home: It’s almost here! ’ve been waiting patiently for the release of Android ar 2.0 since we first laid eyes on it last May at I/O, it’s finally ready to launch in just a few weeks. If you own one of the supported watches, you’ll be able to play with it soon enough (though Android y support will be limited to models with NFC chips), a whole new crop of wearables is sure to take advantage of the new features, starting with ‘s own offering.