Android device updates: Unlocked Moto Z Moto Z ay Nougat updates detailed

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 20 Jan 2017

The Nougat train is starting to slowlyspeed up chug down the tracks. learned more this week about Motorola Samsung’s plans for upgrades on their phones. And new Nvidia Shield owners got a minor software bump that should fix an annoying bug with the remote.

Each week, we round up all the major software updates to hit the Android ecosystem, including phones tablets on U.S. carriers, unlocked phones, smartwatches, Android TV devices. Making sure your device is running the latest available software is a good housekeeping practice, ensuring you have the latest features with fewer bugs security holes.


Moto Z: The Verizon version already has Nougat is Daydream ready, but the unlocked model has been languishing in update purgatory. This is backwards compared to how it usually works. Android lice confirmed some more details from Motorola: Nougat will come to the Moto Z in February. Hopefully that will tide you over a bit, although it’s surely frustrating.

Moto Z ay: Yes, you’re also getting Nougat. However, you’re going to have to wait until h, according to the report. It’s frustrating, given that unlocked phones don’t have to wait for a carrier to approve an update.


Nougat schedule: Samsung made its Nougat announcement official. ong with giving a sneak preview of how Nougat will look, the company also confirmed the following phones will get the Nougat update “in the first half of the year”: Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge S6 edge us, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy Tab S2 (unlocked version), Galaxy A3, Galaxy A8.


Shield TV: A minor software bump went out this week that fixes an issue where the controller on the new Android TV box would stop working intermittently. The existing Shield is also set to get Nougat very soon.