Growing crop of Nexus 6users report serious battery drop-off issues

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 21 Dec 2016

One of the best reasons for buying a Nexus phone has always been the promised timely updates to the latest version of Android, but Nougat hasn’t been as sweet as some Nexus 6users thought it would be. For months, there have been widespread complaints over decreased battery life, even after the 7.1 update, things haven’t gotten any better.

In a detailed report by Android lice, it seems that users have taken to ’s forums to register their complaints, with hundreds of posts describing similar issues to the one commenter y Yeoh describes: “My phone’s battery life is average, I wouldn’t say incredible, but one issue which seems to happen is it gets down to 15% then suddenly goes to 0% almost immediately.”

nexus 6p battery drop-off y Yeoh

As commenter y Yeoh shows in this screenshot, battery life falls off a cliff when the Nexus 6reaches a certain point.

Numerous others echo y Yeoh’s complaints, with some saying the issue persists even after a clean install of Marshmallow. The problem has more than 1100 stars 400 posts in ’s issue tracker, with some users saying the phone shuts down even when the battery indicator shows more than 50 percent remaining. Additionally, several of the complaints note that the issue was exaggerated by exposing their phones to extremely cold temperatures.

has thus far been mum on the issue, but a few scattered comments say that the 7.1.1 update fixes the issue. However, there isn’t enough evidence to conclude that the issue has been solved.

y this matters: As Android lice points out, there larger issue here is one of safety. ’ve become incredibly reliant on out phones as navigational communication tools, if they unexpectedly shut off, it could leave users stred with no way of contacting someone who can help.