Assistant gets a jolly upgrade for the holidays

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 19 Dec 2016

tmas is coming, Assistant is getting into the holiday spirit. st in time for Santa’s arrival, the fun-loving virtual helper has been given an injection of good tidings in the form of a few seasonal responses.

Available across all instances of Assistant—lo, Home, the xel phones—the new comms will help you find Santa, have a good laugh or just get a dose of cheer. If you ask where Santa is, for example, it will tell you that he’s still chilling at the North le. esumably it will provide a more specific location on the night before tmas to match the Santa Tracker that also springs to life that night.

holiday assistant 2

No matter your faith, Assistant will spread the holiday cheer.

In the meantime, you can ask it to tell you a holiday joke, delivering one of a variety of one-liners when prompted with either “tmas joke” or “Santa joke.” Many of the puns are St. related, though the occasional quip is more general, such as, “at did the smart phone say on nuary 1? Appy New Years!” (Insert emoji groan.)

For wish revelers, Assistant will also spin the dreidel on comm, returning one of the four results when asked. And if you say “Happy Kwanza,” it will return the greeting provide a fact about the holiday or wish you a happy lighting of the Kinara.

y this matters: always has lots of fun at the holidays, so it’s no surprise that Assistant has gotten into the spirit. But it’s nice to see extend it to all Android phones through the lo app, not just its newer xel Home devices.