ay Newsst gets a long overdue makeover

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 14 Nov 2016

ay Newsst is the long-neglected outlier of ’s family of Android apps. It’s finally getting some attention that makes it looks like it belongs side by side with the many other apps in the portfolio.

Version 4.0 starts you out with “The Briefing,” a collection of relevant articles that lead the news cycle based on your location interests.

There are four new bottom navigation bars to help you move around the app with greater ease: For You, brary, Explore, Read ter.

play newsst 4.0

A new briefing bottom navigation bars highlight the new interface.

Additionally, you’ll find trending topics when you hit the search bar more categories when scrolling around that offer you a chance to stumble upon additional news articles. is also tapping into your browsing habits in an effort to give you a more personalized experience. 

play newsst search

Trending searches splashier categories are designed to help you find news worth reading.

In all, the app looks good. You can also head to the settings enable or turn off customized alerts based on topics you want to hear more about. so, the app remains the digital home for any magazines that you subscribe to through the ay Store.

Version 4.0 is rolling out through the ay Store is available now on A Mirror.

The impact on you: This update may finally give you a reason to take another look at ay Newsst. It had dropped off my radar so much I didn’t even have it installed on my xel until this update came along. There are some good features in this new version, though it may not be overwhelming enough to replace whatever daily habits you’ve formed in getting news from other apps.