clarifies xel charging specs, with 15for smaller model 18for the X

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Nov 2016

It turns out there’s one other tiny difference between the xel xel Xthat we previously didn’t know about.

The smaller model maxes out at 15charging speeds, coming up short of the promised 18originally listed in ’s marketing materials. Android lice reached out to , which confirmed that indeed the xel charges at 15 The tech specs have been updated on the official xel page.

The issue was uncovered by prolific Android tester Nathan K., who shared his findings on +

It sounds like nothing was intentional or malicious here. Most likely the xel team dropped down the spec from 18to 15for the xel that detail was omitted in the official marketing materials. 

Nonetheless, our review of the xel xel X/a> still finds them to be excellent phones, particularly if you crave the most y experience possible.

The impact on you: In practice this means yes, there’s a charging difference in capability between the two phones. Given the difference in battery size, the reduced charging speed as the battery fills up, it’s not likely to make a noticeable difference.