T-Mobile is offering $325 to anyone who brings a xel to its network

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 27 Oct 2016

Ever the dealmaker, T-Mobile CEO gere is at it again with an attempt to lure xel owners over to his network.

The latest stunt offers you half the cost of ’s phone, or $325, if you bring your xel to the company’s T-Mobile One unlimited plan. He took to his favorite platform, Twitter, to make the announcement of course take a few shots at the competition.

This is a clever play for xel owners who have been bombarded with advertisements about how the xel is ”only on Verizon.”

In reality, that’s misleading. You can buy a xel directly from , even the models sold by Verizon are unlocked can be taken to another carrier. 

In T-Mobile fashion, the company made a zany video to show its love for by shooting the entire thing on a xel X

Given the recent popularity of the xel, a high-profile play to win some converts is a pretty smart move. And this gives T-Mobile another chance to showcase its new unlimited plan, which was recently revamped after some criticism. Keep in mind the fine print, as you’ll be required to sign up for a T-Mobile One plan be willing to take that reward money in small sums ($13.55) over 24 months.

y this matters: There’s no guarantee that the Verizon- partnership will be exclusive forever, so T-Mobile is probably thinking about trying to get in on the deal when next year’s xel arrives, or when the Verizon exclusivity period expires. Certainly would love to have the xel in all carrier stores so it could compete more vigorously with the ione, but that’s going to depend on the terms of the current exclusive with Verizon.