Spooky Android Games update (DO NOT BSH)

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 21 Oct 2016

Boo for you
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It’s that time of year again. As Halloween nears, many of us like to scare ourselves silly by playing horror games or watching freaky flicks, but you don’t need a console, , television, or movie theater to get some seasonal thrills: you can find them right on your phone. 

Some of these Android games are straight-up scary, designed to spook you with shocking sights or gruesome action, while others simply ooze a ton of eerie uncertain atmosphere as you explore shadowy terrain solve puzzles. And a few are just familiar games given a Halloween makeover: they’re not likely to frighten you, but the festive look is a nice touch. In any case, these are the games to play right now if you’re seeking some Halloween fun on the small screen.

Subway Surfers
scary games subwaysurfers

Subway Surfers is always a reliable pick for seasonal themes, sure enough, this enduringly fun endless runner has been decked out for Halloween. Now, ke—the young, graffiti-tagging hooligan you control—is trying to evade a enstein’s monster while sprinting through a Transylvania-themed course.

As ever, the goal is dodge obstacles on the train tracks by leaping, changing lanes, rolling, all while trying to collect as many coins, power-ups, items as you can. Besides the new pursuer, the entire setting is loaded with spooky sights pumpkins alike, plus there are Halloween-themed costumes other goodies to unlock. 

Subway Surfers (Free)

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows
scary games hiddencity

Object-find games thrive on smartphones tablets, one of the most popular entries today has been given a Halloween makeover. G5’s Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows is already an atmospheric game, set in a mystical metropolis filled with monsters magic, so the addition of Halloween scenery fits in nicely. 

The world map is now decorated with pumpkins ghosts amidst the darkened streets, but there’s a lot more than that: the biggest is ck’s , a new scene added for the occasion. You can also unlock Halloween-themed avatars items by completing events during the month, the added perks help make this a seasonal treat for hidden-object fans.

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows (Free)

Temple Run 2
scary games templerun2

It’s been out for a few years now, but it’s nice to see that Temple Run 2 can still put on a good show to bring back lapsed players for some Halloween fun. The behind-the-back runner has been decked out with an array of timely visual tweaks, which make for a spirited sprint. 

The new Spooky Summit environment is decked out with pumpkins, ghost icons, eerie sights, plus all of the characters have been given new skins—turning your usually-generic lead into a skeleton, monster, or werewolf. You’ll also swim through slime ride into a haunted mineshaft along the way, while these visual enhancements don’t really change the gameplay, it’s a fun reason to revisit this freemium great. 

Temple Run 2 (Free)