Chrome for Android keeps the music going with background media playback

The app's start page also got touched up, now offering you a series of articles to check out.

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Derek Walter

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The music and videos don’t have to stop in the latest build of Chrome for Android. Version 54, which launched Wednesday, supports background media playback, which means you can leave Chrome and keep listening to whatever is playing in the background.

With the update, you can hit the home button and move onto another task while the audio keeps going. Swipe down and hit pause or sweep away the tab to end the playback.

chrome background audio

Chrome 54 keep the music going in the background.

Also, switching between tabs should be easier on the eyes. Chrome has long let sites change their tab color, but now they keep it when you hit the tab switcher. 

chrome tabs

It’ll be easy to spot which tab you want thanks to the color variation.

Finally, Google has tweaked the Chrome start page. You’ll still see the Google search bar and your most frequently visited sites, but if you scroll down you’ll see more.

chrome start page

Chrome’s new tab page offers you a few things to read.

Much like Google Now, you’ll find a collection of suggested articles to read based on your browsing history. You can flick away any that aren’t of interest.

Chrome for Android is making the slow rollout through the Play Store, or you can grab it now from APK Mirror.

The impact on you: Apps are nice and all, but the browser is still the most important part of any operating system. The more powerful Chrome gets, the less you may need to rely on all of those apps cluttering up your home screen.

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