Five to Try: ants vs. Zombies battle with cards, offers its own wallpaper app

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 21 Oct 2016

’s xel xel X/a> are out this week, but you don’t need a new phone to enjoy some new apps games from the ay Store. ants vs. Zombies: Heroes leads this week’s roundup of the five hottest Android releases, as the free-to-play game takes the familiar pieces from the tower defense series rebuilds them into a fun competitive card-battler.

Elsewhere, ’s own llpapers app comes with some welcome features the alluring Mini Metro puts you in charge of your own transit system, while VUDU offers an array of free on-the-go films Chrome’s experimental Canary browser comes to Android. No matter what kind of phone you’re wielding this weekend, be sure to snag a few fresh apps.

ants vs. Zombies: Heroes

fivetotry oct21 pvzheroes

Heroes keeps the series’ cartoonish charm intact.

pCap’s much-loved tower defense series has already been transformed into a surprisingly fun console shooter, now ants vs. Zombies: Heroes spins the series in another new direction. Now, it’s a card-based battling game, in which you’ll build decks of the familiar plants or undead invaders from the main entries, then send them out to destroy your opponent.

Unlike the sensational Clash Royale, this free-to-play offering is a turn-based game: whether in single-player missions or online battles, you’ll switch off as you play creature cards on the lane grid, use special abilities, try to emerge victorious. Having played a few matches, Heroes really does make a compelling case for this unexpected series deviation, although it’ll be long-term play that determines whether this will be another freemium juggernaut or just a brief distraction.


fivetotry oct21 googlewallpapers

It’s a wallpaper app, sure, but it’s a nice one.

You’ll find a lot of different wallpaper apps on the ay Store, many with images of dubious quality sourcing, but ’s own offering might be worth your attention. Not only does llpapers serve up a large array of eye-catching, high-resolution images across several categories, but it also comes with some customization perks as well. For example, you can opt to have a new wallpaper rotated in each every day from a particular category.

And if you have Android Nougat installed, you can also choose separate wallpaper images for your home lock screens, as well. llpapers is actually derived from a function found on the Nougat-toting xel phones, but this app should work with any Android 4.1+ phone or tablet. It’s not mind-blowing stuff, certainly, but ’s stamp of quality helps set llpapers apart from the pack. 

Mini Metro

fivetotry oct21 minimetro

Can you keep more more commuters happy?

Ever thought you could build a better transit system than what you endure on your commute? Now’s your chance to prove it with Mini Metro. This ultra-minimal indie game lets you plot out your own subway based on some of the world’s best-known systems, including ndon, ris, New York City. And it’s not going to walk you through every step of the process, as you’ll quickly discover once you’re staring at a blank screen with a few shapes on it. 

Connecting the shapes with your finger creates a line between stations, before you know it, you’ll have trains with passengers— more stations that pop up, filled with even more riders who have places to be. Over time, you’ll earn gradually more resources to add trains carriages, place further lines, build tunnels over rivers, but overcrowding can quickly lead to failure if you’re not serving everyone. It’s a smart absorbing puzzler that’s perfect for touch.

Vudu Movies on Us

fivetotry oct21 vudu

Scroll further down the quality level drops precipitously, but hey, it’s all free.

If you don’t have a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu to stream movies TV shows on the go, then Vudu’s latest program might grab your ear. The video-on-dem service just launched a new Movies on Us category, which offers thouss of films to watch for free with one very expected catch: you’ll need to watch some video ads, too.

Still, it doesn’t seem overbearing: I fired up School of Rock only had to watch three 30-second commercials beforeh before the movie started. I skipped around a bit until the end didn’t see any further ads, but that might not be the case if you watch straight through. The Movies on Us category has a lot of junk, admittedly: crappy movies straight-to-video fare dominate the listings, but you’ll find higher-profile picks like True Grit, Mad Max, Young Adult, more in the mix. And hey, it’s free: beggars can’t be too choosy.

Chrome Canary

fivetotry oct21 chromecanary

It’s Chrome, but with potentially new features… bugs, too.

Do you strive to stay on the bleeding edge of tech? Does that pursuit include web browsers, as well? Chrome’s Canary channel lets desktop users tap into the absolute latest builds, which may be buggy but also bring along new features, enhancements, optimizations— now it’s available on Android in a stalone app.

Chrome Canary is unstable by design: these builds are fresh out of the code oven haven’t been put through rigorous testing, which means they may crash or do strange things during use. And otherwise, for the most part, Canary will look act just like the stard, fully-tested Chrome for Android. However, ay Store reviewers claim it runs speedier than the common version, you could be among the first to try out new additions as they come. Expect some data usage, however: estimates 100MB worth of weekly downloads as new daily builds release.