Keep Adds App Shortcuts and Pinned Messages in Update

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 20 Oct 2016

Now you really can stick a pin in it. Keep now lets you save important messages to the app’s top with a handy little pin icon. And if you have a Pixel or Android 7.1, you’ll be able to jump to a specific action through the app shortcuts. Just touch and hold on to the new circular icon, then you’ll have several options to select.
Amp right into a specific action with the new app shortcuts.

Also, you can touch and hold on to any of these pins that task straight to your home screen. It’s one of several new features that first debuted in the Pixel. In Keep, you’ll find a pin icon inside notes. And at the top of the leading group of notes when you touch hold on one.

You can pin a note to the top of Keep from inside of the note itself or the main interface.

You can grab the latest update from the Play Store or A Mirror.

The impact on you: Keep may not have as expansive of a feature set as OneNote or Evernote, but it might be suitable for your needs. Several good tips and tricks might make Keep the only note-taking app you’ll need.