one app 5.1 adds in new gestures interface tweaks

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Oct 2016

’s phone app is getting a rather slick makeover. 

ether it’s purely for the xel or will come to all Nexus phones, however, we can’t say for sure. The A comes from a xel system dump that includes various image files from the phone. So it’s clearly for the xel, but I was able to install the A on a Nexus 5X.

Version 5.1 of the phone app has new interface, gestures, a few other tricks. The interface is more refined matches the overall aesthetic found in the xel. There’s a translucent blue interface tweaks to how some of the icons appear.

google phone

The new one app was made over for the new xel phone.

You’ll also see that you swipe up to accept a call down to decline, a switch from the sideways swiping of the current version. You can see it in action from the following video:

The A reveals there’s a an application shortcut, which will allow you to create a new contact. This isn’t visible unless you install Action uncher 3 or wait for Android 7.1 to hit.

y this matters: controls the entire software experience on the xel, so we’re likely to see continual refinements over time to get everything just right with the one other apps. I’d expect more launcher shortcuts to appear over time as well, so pay attention to future updates if you have a xel or Nexus phone.