The ay Store is getting a modest makeover with a few interface tweaks

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 Oct 2016

There ought to always be a permanent “under construction” sign hanging in the ay Store. 

It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as ’s constant tweaks overhauls of the app storefront usually turn out for the best. The latest round of changes aren’t dramatic, but they may make it easier to find what you’re looking for or more deeply investigate certain apps.

Most notably, the main ling page has changed the section labeled “Entertainment” to “Movies, Music, Books.” 

play store entertainment

Gone is the “entertainment” label from the top of the ay Store.

This is likely to add some clarity as to what exactly you can get in this section. It’s kind of a tight fit on smaller screens (this was taken from a Nexus 5X) but may look fine on phones like the Galaxy Note7 xel X/a> or others with a big screen.

The other most prominent change is that you can finally pinch zoom on screenshots.

google play screenshots

Now you can tap on a screenshot zoom in to get a closer look.

It’s helpful for picking out more details before deciding whether you want to download that app.

You also may have noticed when you click a link to the ay Store from Chrome or another browser, you’ll go straight to a preview page that now has much larger ay Store bring.

google play store link

ok for the big, green bar to know you’re in ay.

st as in that preview, you’ll find the white search bar disappears when you’re navigating different sections of the ay Store. To get to a voice search you now need to tap the bar the microphone icon. For to make such a change, the company likely determined that few people were performing voice searches in the ay Store.

The impact on you: My favorite change in all of this is the ability to zoom in on screenshots. It may seem like a minor thing, but with some game screenshots this makes it easier to figure out exactly what’s going on. And it may help those on smaller screens to get a better view of the action.