ich apps services work with Home?

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Oct 2016

Home wants to have a center space in your home, always ready to help with a simple voice comm.

But what exactly will you be able to do, particularly when it comes to the apps services you use every day? has an official list of the apps that work with Home perform tasks based on what you tell them to do.

Home is part of a new batch of new hardware that’s all tied together with services the Assistant. So while the underlying technology is interesting, it’s how much you can do that will determine how compelling this will be for everyday use.

Here’s the current list of supported apps, which of course hopes to grow as more third-party developers services jump on board.

Audio apps

ay Music: Android | iOS

YouTube Music: Android | iOS

Spotify: Android iOS

ra: Android | iOS

TuneIn: Android | iOS

Smart home apps

Chromecast: Android | iOS 

Nest Thermostats: Android | iOS

Hue: Android iOS

Samsung SmartThings: Android | iOS

IF by IFTTT: Android iOS


YouTube: Android | iOS


Calendar: Android | iOS

Keep: Android | iOS