12 things your smartphone has replaced

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New technology always replaces older tech (that’s kind of the point of “new” technology). But there’s nothing quite as versatile when it comes to making things obsolete as the smartphone—or, should I say, phone/internet browser/camera/music player/alarm clock/reading material/calculator/photo album/gaming device/flashlight.

Here are 12 standalone devices that you never use anymore, thanks to that handy Android phone in your pocket.


The smartphone is, first and foremost, a phone, so it makes sense that it would replace other…phones, such as landlines and payphones.


Smartphone cameras can’t really hold a candle to standalone digital cameras (though they are getting better), but they’re better than no camera at all. Which is what you would have, if you didn’t have your smartphone with you, because who’s going to lug a DSLR around to cool outings, hikes and parties? Not you, or anybody who owns a smartphone!

MP3 Players

Guardians of the Galaxy nailed it: The only reason anyone would have a separate portable music player these days would be if they were abducted from Earth in 1988.

Portable gaming consoles

Why would you spend $200 on a Nintendo 3DS XL when you can play Nintendo-esque games (in the form of Pokemon Go) on your smartphone?

Alarm clocks

Your smartphone can set 16 alarms at once and it’s too fragile to throw across the room. In other words, it’s the best alarm clock ever.


You might think electronic reading devices like Kindles and Nooks have replaced books, but you’re wrong. Your smartphone can display the same e-books and play games and text friends when you get bored of reading.

Remote controls

Your smartphone isn’t just a remote for Android TV and myriad set-top boxes. It’s a remote for everything. Your lights. Your car. Your thermostat.

…let’s hope you never lose it.


You no longer need to look at someone’s wrist to know if they have the time. They have a smartphone, don’t they?

Photo albums

Instead of boring people with the usual five or six pictures of our kids, we can now show them hundreds or even thousands of pictures saved on our smartphones!


Did smartphones replace calculators, or did calculators on smartphones replace our brains? I feel like we used to be able to calculate tips in our heads before smartphones came along.


Now that stores actually support Android Pay, there’s no need to carry a credit card around! And with apps like Venmo, there’s no need to carry cash, either! If only highway patrol would accept a photo of your driver’s license…


Hey, the LED flash on the back of your phone isn’t just there to make your night-time pictures look horrific.

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