How to use the quick settings in Android Nougat

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 23 Aug 2016

The quick settings menu is one the unsung heroes of Android customization. th a little bit of work it can greatly enhance how effectively you use your phone.

It got a helpful quick access bar in the move from Marshmallow to Nougat, along with a few other tweaks to be aware of.

Better customization

Now when you swipe down with one finger, you’ll see five settings that you can access with one tap. This enables you to turn off -Fi, turn on the flashlight, or do another function vey quickly.

Touch the arrow on the right to get the full drop-down menu. 

quick settings nougat

The quick settings menu puts a lot of options just a swipe away.

ternatively, you can swipe down with two fingers get to the entire quick settings content at once. Swipe once from right to left to see the other panels that are on the second page. Reference the dots on the bottom to know which page you’re on.

Drag drop

Here’s where you can really customize this area to your liking. Touch the edit button you’ll see the option to drag the tiles into out of their spots in the menu. Touch hold the icon you want to move then drag it into the new spot.

customize quick settings

Drag drop the tiles to your preferred location.

The first five slots (the three in the top row the center left tile in the second row) are the options you’ll see in that quick, one-swipe menu. So put your most essential actions there.

Once you’ve customized this, it’s important to remember how each of the comms work differently. One touch performs a specific action, like toggling -Fi on/off or powering up the flashlight. A long press takes you into the full settings menu for a deeper dive. You can see the difference here between a tap on the E panel (left) a long press (right).

cellular data

One touch on the E icon brings up a quick view of your cellular data (left) while a long press takes you into the settings offers more information (right).

Once you learn what these functions perform, you’ll be able to navigate the quick settings with ease. This also may help you decide where to put specific actions when customizing this area.