Apple Music for Android is exiting beta adding in equalizer settings

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 4 Aug 2016

Apple Music on Android may sound like a mismatched pairing of oil water. But after a lengthy beta Apple has kept plugging away, is now bringing the streaming service out of beta.

Apple Music version 1.0 isn’t a major update, outside of the removal of the beta tag. Though there are a few additions detailed within the changelog: “Equalizer settings a variety of performance, playback, stability improvements.” 

The equalizer is in the main iOS Settings, so Apple needed to bring it directly into the Android app in order to have a similar experience. During the beta period Apple has made several other improvements, such as a home screen widget support for music videos.

You can get the update to Apple Music for Android from the ay Store.

y this matters: ile Apple is always going to keep its services tied closely to its own hardware, this is one instance when an Android version makes sense. As with iTunes coming to ndows in 2003, licensing deals with music publishers may necessitate Apple providing reach well beyond its own hardware ecosystem.