The Best 10 Apps for Ridiculously Lazy People

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Aug 2016

You say lazy; I say efficient. Smartphones combined with innovative home products like lightbulbs and window shades have turned laziness into an art. These days you don’t even have to get out of bed to check what’s in your refrigerator. But innovative home products require a bit of setup to work. What if you’re too lazy to change your lightbulbs or get a new thermostat? I feel you. There’s a reason only two of my lamps are smart bulbs. Although I have several that I will eventually get around to placing. For the ultra-lazy crowd, there are always apps. Two seconds to install instant, lazy gratification can be yours. Here are 10 apps you should be using for maximum efficiency.

The App that Delivers Groceries to Your Door

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Walking to the grocery store is a lot of work, even if the grocery store is only two blocks away. And carrying the groceries back from the grocery store, forget about it.

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Instacart offers 1-hour delivery and lets you pick up items from multiple stores. Now, if only an app would put your groceries away for you!

The App that Lets You Hire Someone to Put Your Groceries Away for You

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TaskRabbit lets you bid on chore Workers to do your work. Grocery shopping, house cleaning, assembling Ikea furniture, picking up dry cleaning, shipping packages, etc.

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And, unlike delivery services, TaskRabbit people will actually deliver things to you inside your house. You don’t even have to leave the sofa!

The App that Delivers Anything You Want

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Food delivery apps are the lazy person’s staple. But they’re also limited to restaurants that deliver. What if you want something from a restaurant that doesn’t deliver? Or what if you want something that’s not from a restaurant. Like an ice cream cake or mascara? Postmates provides just about anything. From anywhere, okay, within reason, to your door.

The App that Takes the Effort Out of Texting

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Yo is the perfect app for letting friends know you’re thinking about them but don’t want to have an actual conversation with them.

The App that Takes the Effort Out of Texting Your Significant Other

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Your significant other expects more than a Yo here and there, which is why BroApp exists. BroApp periodically texts your S.O. sweet messages; you can personalize them, no sweat. So you seem like a thoughtful person instead of an incredibly lazy one.

The App that Makes Sure You have Clean Underwear

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Too lazy for laundry? Washio will come to pick up your dirty clothes, wash them, return them to you, folded, and everything. Too bad it’s only available in five cities, SF/East Bay, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C.

The App that Brings the Doctor to You

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You’re justified in being lazy when you’re sick, which is why Doctor on Demand is your new BFF.

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Doctor on Demand lets you video chat with a licensed physician, pediatrician, or psychologist. And gets prescriptions for basic meds, no schedule II drugs, via your smartphone.

The App that Parks Your Car

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Driving is hard enough. Now you have to look for a parking spot to park your own car?

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Thank goodness for apps like Luxe, which offer on-dem valet parking from anywhere in the six cities Luxe is currently in SF, NYC, Chicago, Seattle, and Austin.

The App that Cleans and Fixes Your Home

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TaskRabbit is great for errands. Sometimes a professional is for you. Handy lets you book on-dem professional cleaners, handypersons, plumbers, and electricians.

The app that Blows on Things

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Too lazy to blow out that candle? No problem; Yet Another Air Blower turns your Android phone’s speaker into an air blower using sound frequencies.