‘s Accelerated Mobile ges project spreads to more of the web

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Aug 2016

’s effort to give the web a speed boost is pressing more firmly on the gas pedal.

The Accelerated Mobile ges oject is moving beyond news sites to include other destinations on the web. is partnering with sites like eBay along with several publishers in pushing the effort along. The initiative rivals Facebook’s Instant Articles, which also load much more rapidly also feature a lightning bolt to denote the speedier experience.

To experience this firsth, head to g.co/ampdemo on your mobile device then perform a search. says recipes music lyrics work particularly well in demonstrating how quickly results pages can load. 

amp example Accelerated Mobile oject

Many lyrics other helpful sites should load much faster with AM

created a detailed how-to site for implementing AMif you’re a web developer. Do-it-yourselfers who use a service like rdpress can try out an AMplugin so they don’t have to tweak messy lines of code. Given that ’s own AMblog runs on a wordpress.com site, this bodes well for support of those who blog or make other casual sites as side projects.

google amp Accelerated Mobile ges project

’s Accelerated Mobile oject promises to take the frustration out of slow websites.

ile AMshould alleviate what can be a frustrating experience in using the mobile web, it’s going to mean more work for developers who for years have been following the teachings of responsive design, creating a single web page that scales nicely from mobile up to desktop.

AMharkens back to when mobile sites were entirely different than the desktop site, such as mobile.example.com coexisting along with www.example.com

The impact on you: As a consumer, the expansion of AMis positive. More of the web will be faster you’ll have less annoying pop-up advertisements that generate revenue for sites thanks to your fumbly fingers. Though it’s going to be a while before this rolls out, as sites will have to test the features decide if they want to cede this much power to .