Play Family Library Launched Enabling Shared Apps, Games, Movies and More

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 27 Jul 2016

At long last, you can bring up to six different individuals together into a single happy Play Family. Officially debuted its new Family Library in July 2016, bringing Android up to speed with Apple’s Family Sharing, an extended-standing perk of iOS. When you sign up, you’ll be able to select a credit card to share as the family payment method. However, other family members can designate a different payment option or use a gift card instead for specific purchases. You’ll be able to designate specific items to keep to yourself. You’d rather not share certain films or books with children. Google says there’s a personal library option. To ensure no one else can download your personal content through the family account. Items that work outside of Android are supported. Like apps on Chromebooks, Play Movies, and Books that can be accessed on the web. Or through iOS apps.
Product Manager Raj Iyengar says the Family Library was rolling out in the U.S. And a few other select counties, such as Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Ireland, and Japan.
The impact on you: This is a helpful perk if you manage multiple Android devices, as you won’t have to re-buy apps or other content for a spouse, partner, or child. It follows the Play Music Family, which gives you six accounts for shared access to Play Music, YouTube, and Red. Given that it launched, we had a chance to play around with how well it works. And we’ll be sure to share any impressions or helpful tips once the dust settles.