8 ways history would have been ruined by technology

But there are plenty of world leaders who could have benefited from Snapchat.

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Is technology ruining society? According to research, smartphones cause us to have lower-quality conversations, Google is destroying our ability to retain information, and social networks are damaging our relationships. If that’s not enough proof that modern-day technology might not be quite as life-improving as the Industrial Revolution, check out how today’s tech (particularly smartphones, the Internet, and social networks) would have changed important historical events and figures. You might think Columbus would have been better off if he’d found the quickest trade route to India, but you’d be wrong!

Columbus would have actually landed in India

the list historical events columbus

Fastest route to India? Google Maps has you covered.

Mona Lisa would have a hot Instagram account

the list historical events monalisainstagram

#LaGioconda #DaVinci #LeonardoIsMyHomie #Enigma #Smile #WhereAmILooking

Martin Luther’s 95 Theses would have been a Change.org petition

the list historical events lutherchange

Why bother going outside to nail a document to a church door when you can do it all from your smartphone?

Shakespeare would have been a Twitter phenomenon

the list historical events shakespeare

Imagine if Shakespeare’s lengthy plays and sonnets could be distilled into thousands of 140-character tweets.

Newton would have opened a smartphone repair shop

the list historical events newton

Probably would have kept the secret of universal gravity to himself, too. “We have no idea why your phone drops and the screen breaks when you let go of it…”

Paul Revere would have just sent a text

the list historical events paulrevere

Paul Revere’s ride would have been less epic (or rather, non-existent), but way more efficient.

Betsy Ross would have been a small-time Etsy seller

the list historical events betsyross

But she would have been buried under a mountain of other Etsy sellers selling knock-off flags.

The moon landing would have been documented with a selfie

the list historical events buzzaldrinspaceselfie Buzz Aldrin

Oh wait, it was. Actually, Buzz Aldrin took the first space selfie three years before the moon landing, in 1966.

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