Hangouts 10.0 is improving its sharing capabilities on both Android iOS

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Jun 2016

’s Hangouts app has skipped over version 9 launched 10.0 on both Android iOS.

The update includes some platform-specific features that should make chatting with friends or coworkers a little more convenient. On the Android front, the app now supports Android Marshmallow’s direct share, which auto-suggests contacts when you use the sharing menu.

hangouts direct share

th direct share, you can send a link or other content right to a specific contact in Hangouts.

On iOS, the iTunes changelog lists two new key features: link sharing to invite others to a call support for universal links.

The latter means you can tap on a link from another app the developer can configure it to take you right to a hangouts conversation. th link sharing, you can now send a link that invites someone directly to a Hangout. 

Version 10.0 is rolling out to the ay Store App Store.

The story behind the story: is still tinkering away with Hangouts, but the big change on the horizon is the debut of the new messaging/video pair: lo Duo. says that despite all the nifty new features coming in those Hangouts will stick around, especially since Hangouts is part of the Apps for rk suite.