Your current phone probably won’t work with ‘s Daydream VR

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 27 May 2016

Even if you have a top-of-the-line phone, it’s not likely to be compatible with ’s Daydream VR initiative.

That’s the word from Clay Bavor, who heads up the company’s virtual reality efforts. He told RoadtoVR that specific component requirements will mean the current generation of devices won’t make the cut:

“I can tell you that there will most likely not be any ‘retroactively’ Daydream-ready phones. want to hold a very high quality bar, for that to happen all the components need to be just right. So, to VR fans, I would say, hold off for a few months to get your next phone… get a Daydream-ready phone.”

This comes despite the fact that the recommended test device for developers is ’s own Nexus 6/a>. Of course, spec recommendations getting something to work are often two different things: It’s highly possible that current phones could function just fine with Daydream VR given the right amount of tweaking by someone in the developer community.

The impact on you: If you want to stick to Bavor’s recommendation, you could always wait for a new phone if you’re eager to test out ’s take on virtual reality. The best bet will be whatever Nexus successor the company announces this fall, which is ’s usual timeline for refreshing its Nexus devices.