How to set up Android Pay on your Android phone

It's time to discover the convenience of paying for stuff with your smartphone.

android pay

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You’ve seen people whip out their phone at the cash register and decided it’s finally time to give this a go.

Getting started with Android Pay is relatively straightforward, but there are a few subtleties to be aware of. First you’ll need to grab or update your existing version of Android Pay from the Google Play Store. Then, you’ll first see the obligatory start screen that shows off all the great features.

android pay

Version 1.1 of the Android Pay app adds in a new animation to walk you through the payment process.

Next, you’ll move to the main hub of Android Pay, with a floating action button to add in a new credit/debit card (Google offers a list of supported banks), store gift card or loyalty program. If you’ve used Android Pay on another device your previous gift and loyalty cards will sync over and be immediately available.

To get going with payments, tap the plus button and select Add a credit or debit card. If you’ve used Android Pay on another phone, when you touch this option you can choose from among your previous cards, though you’ll need to confirm the CVC number on the back.

set up android pay

You can add cards from supported banks, gift cards and loyalty programs to Android Pay.

Otherwise, the camera will launch, which you can use to scan your debit or credit card. After this you’ll need to confirm the three-digit CVC code. Additionally, you may receive some type of message from your bank that the card has been activated through Android Pay.

You can add additional cards through this method. If you do so, you can tap the card and choose Select as default card if you want to switch to that as your main payment option.

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