Google's new 'Spaces' app is for group sharing across Android, web, and iOS

Articles, images, videos, and of course plenty of Google services are baked into the company's latest cross-platform service.

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Google is on quite the app-building spree. It's latest is a new service called Spaces, which aims to simplify the way you share images, videos, links, and other content gathered from the web. 

The new tools, announced in a Google blog post, will be available on Monday in an app for Android, iOS, and the web. The service isn’t live at the time of this writing, though there’s already a Spaces product page.

spaces android Official Google Blog

Given that this is a Google product, search is built in for finding your saved content.

Spaces seems to follow the philosophy of the new iOS-only keyboard called Gboard, which puts a Google search button right next to the keys. Spaces organizes and offers search for Google-friendly content, which in turns means you’re more likely to use services like YouTube, Chrome, and image search. 

spaces ios Official Google Blog

Spaces for iOS supports push notifications and enables chat around shared articles.

Group messaging is a major component, as you’re able to hold conversations about everything that you share with others. The initial draw is probably for consumers who want to chat about all the nifty stuff they find online, but there’s also a drop of productivity thrown in considering that you can share and talk about articles clipped from the web.

The product feels like it overlaps a little with many other existing Google services, but that’s how the company tends to roll. It throws out a bunch of new products then iterates them over time to more align with how the user base actually responds.

The story behind the story: Google has done a lot of work with new apps and updates recently to more tightly integrate its services on the web as well as Android and iOS. The company recently added new extensions for Inbox and Google Keep that make it easier to save and share links. Given that the company’s revenue is still tied deeply to Google search and services, expect more tools and improvements to existing ones to keep coming to both mobile platforms.

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