The best customizable Android ar watch faces

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 May 2016

Make the watch you want to wear
roid watch face customization

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By now you’ve probably heard the Android ar motto: “ar what you want.” ile it’s natural to have an aversion to marketing speak, this is one of those slogans that has a grain of truth to it, given how many Android ar apps let you customize every facet of the watch face.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself designing watch faces for Rolex, or just like how a smartwatch gives you this element of control, then it’s time to get to designing.

Android ar still has some ways to go when it comes to helping you keep your phone in pocket more often, but it definitely wins when it comes to customization if you grab the right watch face.

jie Black
pujie black

If there’s one place to start on your customization journey, it’s with jie Black. You can control nearly every key piece of the interface: the clock hs, fonts, animations, app launchers, what interactive elements to display.

The other neat feature is how you can import share your own creations. In the slide-out menu there’s an option to import a preset code. These can be found in the a + community dedicated to all things jie Black. There’s really no limit to how much you can do with this clever watch face, it’s one that I use most often.

jie Black ($1.79)

tchmaker emium
watchmaker premium

tchMaker emium is another good choice if you want to dig into the minutiae of the bezel other details of the watch face. You can craft something complex with the dials hs customized to your liking, or go with a stark interface that just features the time a single-color background.

tchface emium throws some samples your way, or you can start completely from scratch. There’s also an active + community if you want to get some inspiration from others who have created their own designs.  

tchmaker emium ($3.99)

Driver tch Face

For some reason with Android ar watch faces I’m always drawn to the ones that use a light tail to follow around the second h. So when I spotted Driver, found I could change up the color, I was sold.

There’s a lot else you can do, such as tweak two key sections on the inside that feature the weather, battery, your unread messages, a second counter. It’s a nice cross between a traditional watch face an D sports model that also tosses in numerous customization features.

Driver tch Face ($0.99)

Minimal Elegant

ile the name of this app may be a mouthful, it definitely delivers when it comes to providing a good amount of customization over several different areas. There are some well thought-out features, like enabling the watch faces to match the size of your specific model several check-boxes that make it visual as to which features you’ve turned on or off.

The app does go overkill a bit when it comes to notifications. Every time you fire up a new section or try customize a feature there’s a description to tell you exactly what it does. There should be an option to disable all such pop-up boxes, as they get annoying fast.

Minimal Elegant ($1.59)


This is a watch face that pairs up well with a set of aviator glasses a leather jacket. But despite the allusions to the glamorous life of a pilot, you’ll find a lot of different ways to make it your own.

The most prominent way is to ditch the watch face’s logo write your own text in the middle of the watch face: a nice way to impress friends family at your next get together. There are other helpful customization baked in, such as the ability to choose which apps you launch from the inside dials, select weather updates, several colors to make it better match your mood or outfit.

Skymaster ($0.99)

Hybrid Interactive
hybrid interactive

If you really want to get down into the details make a bunch of choices about how your watch face looks, then Hybrid Interactive will be a good choice. 

In fact there are nine different interactive touch points, so you can go directly into Maps, Calendar, check the weather, or other specific actions. There are also a lot of wheel cogs other moving parts that work as nice allusions to the world of analog watches. The color scheme is sprinkled throuout the watch in the hs other places, which gives it just the right amout of differentiation.

Hybrid Interactive ($1.29)


Odyssey doesn’t have as many choices when it comes to the specific color or aesthetic configuration, but it grants you a lot of controls over ambient light brightness how long the watch will stay in interactive mode versus stby.

As with some of the other options, the most powerful feature is the ability to customize which app you open from the watch face. It’s much faster to launch weather or a calendar from the main watch face screen instead of scrolling through the long list of apps from the launcher. Some of the interface in the phone app could use some work, though the tools available are nice to have.

Odyssey ($0.99)

odyssey roid wear

Many of the customizable watch faces keep it traditional. Not so with Atlas, which gives you a satellite view of the Earth with a picture of which parts of the globe are in daylight nighttime. 

There are still plenty of controls for a digital or analog watch face, along with the ability to change up the color scheme select what details are displayed in ambient mode. My favorite little add-on is how you can see information about the International Space Station’s location right on the watch face.

Atlas ($1.99)

Dynamic tch Face
dynamic watch face

Dynamic is a good choice if you’re hoping to really get in there take control of every granular detail: hour minute h colors, time format, app shortcuts, background textures, even which weather provider you use. 

There’s also a compass, with instructions on how to calibrate by moving the watch in full cycles with the axis pointing upward. You may look a little weird doing it in public, but it’s worth the effort as you’ll have something akin to an outdoors-friendly watch on your wrist.

Dynamic tch Face ($1.20)

Morphing tch Face

Morphing brings a lot of customization to a splashy modern-looking interface than some of the more traditional looks in this collection. It’s great for putting the time, weather, app launchers in an easy-to-see spot on your watch face.

Most of the customization comes with the color controls, as you can dip into the art of color mixing choose what shows up on the front of your watch. There are several other design configurations to choose from, so you can go with a more traditional look or one that takes advantage of the touch screen.

Morphing tch Face ($0.99)