New Calendar feature carves out time for personal goals

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 13 Apr 2016

It’s easy to feel like you don’t have enough time to start that new workout regimen. Calendar wants to help by penciling in some time for that new commitment to fitness based on your daily schedule.

The new Goals feature, which launches in Calendar for Android iOS, takes care of the scheduling for you by using the free time that’s already available in your Calendar. 

You’re able to defer these events for when life gets in the way of your lofty new goals. also pledges that the feature will get better over time as it learns your preferences for scheduling such events. 

You can grab the update for Calendar from the ay Store or App Store.

y this matters: Calendar is going the way of Now other services that try to anticipate your needs through machine learning. It isn’t good enough anymore to make a calendar or to-do app that just replicates what you can do with paper: the most effective popular services use your patterns to personalize the experience. If wants to keep you in its ecosystem, the Calendar app needs to have the right smarts to make the case.