‘s tch Urbane Second ition with E returns to market after four-month delay

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 24 Mar 2016

Updated 3/24/16: After an initial launch on AT&T, the tch Urbane E is now available from Verizon.

’s E-powered smartwatch is out of the repair shop for good.

After going on sale for only six days, pulled the watch over component issues “with the potential to reduce image quality.”

But appears to have fixed all of that, as you can now pre-order the Android ar-powered watch alongside the new G5 on AT&T or as a stalone option with Verizon.

AT&T would certainly like you to pick up both, with an offer of $100 off if you get the watch with ’s latest phone on an AT&T Next plan. Otherwise the tch Urbane is $18 per month with 20-month installments ($360 total).

On Verizon, the watch will set you back $500 outright or $450 with a two-year activation. Big Red will also knock $100 off if you buy it with a G5 or V10.

The story behind the story: This probably won’t be a major black mark for , as many of those who would be looking for a watch with E connectivity are firmly on the enthusiast side. But it points to where Android ar needs to grow, as your watch will be more useful if it doesn’t occasionally drop the Bluetooth connection to your phone can process more of its own information through an independent E connection.