Microsoft will bring Minecraft to the Samsung Gear VR

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 Mar 2016

epare to walk among the creepers, cave spiders, other characters that make up the Minecraft world.

That’s because Microsoft announced at the Game Developers Conference that the popular franchise is coming to the Samsung Gear VR

Microsoft has previously revealed that the ndows 10 version of Minecraft will be compatible with the Oculus Rift headset, with a release targeted for the spring. But with the Gear VR priced at only $99 bundled with the Galaxy S7 S7 ge as part of several promotions, the Minecraft world could get in front of a lot more faces.

y this matters: For such a popular game to make the move to VR bodes well for Minecraft’s expansion to other platforms the future of virtual-reality gaming. Because of its low price tie-in to the popular Samsung Galaxy smartphone lineup, the Gear VR is an accessible option for gamers to get their first taste of virtual reality. Minecraft also has universal appeal given that it’s family-friendly not loaded up with excessive amounts of violence. The game also is unlikely to induce episodes of nausea, which can happen with more motion-intensive VR games.