Barnes & Noble kills off Nook app video store as part of digital retreat

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 14 Mar 2016

Barnes & Noble ceded another battle in the ongoing war with Amazon over digital hearts minds.

The company will end the dedicated Nook app video store on h 15, which was where you could purchase content for Nook-bred hardware, according to a report in diginomica.

Nook digital content is living on in the form of eBooks that you can buy for any Android device through the company’s mobile apps web store. But if you purchased apps videos from Barnes & Noble you’ll need to explore how to hold on to any TV shows or movies to be on the safe side, even though the company promises it will always be part of your library.

For example, you can register films with Disney Movies Anywhere app in order to view them from any Android or iOS device. CinemaNow is another alternative for non-Disney video.

The impact on you: This should probably give a reason to think twice about spending money in the Nook Store. If you have a Nook tablet, you’re better off going with ay since the Internet giant isn’t going anywhere. I wouldn’t expect Barnes & Noble to kill off its Nook eBook store anytime soon, but you may want to look at Amazon’s Kindle line if you’re thinking of picking up a new eReader in the near future.