otos update adds navigation bar, other visual tricks

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Mar 2016

It should be easier to find all those pictures of your cute kids thanks to changes in otos.

The 1.5 update adds a persistent navigation bar to the bottom of the screen so you can quickly switch between your albums, photo scroll, the assistant.

google photos 1.5

The new navigation bar gives you a more visual queue of where other areas are located in the app. 

bums is the new name for what was previously called Collections. The purpose is the same: it’s the catch-all section where you can see people, places, other groupings of similar images. You can swipe through to see shared albums or past trips summarized by location.

The Assistant is redesigned with four hy buttons to create an album, collage, animation, or movie from your existing images. There are bound to be other hidden gems, so grab it play around to see what’s there.

says the app is doing the usual rollout to the ay Store. If version 1.5 isn’t live for you yet, there’s always the good people of A Mirror.

The impact on you: otos is terrific, though it’s not without a few quirks. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a large photo collection as will automatically organize people with facial recognition spit out some nifty summaries of your trips. The unsung feature is how it will free up space on your phone by deleting local copies but keeping them in your cloud storage, which can be very hy if you don’t have a lot of space to spare.