ay Store switches up ratings layout for a simpler interface

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Mar 2016

App reviews are prime real estate in the ay Store, as they offer you a way to leave feedback on about whether or not that last game you bought was worth it.

is apparently taking a butter knife to the process in an effort to smooth things out. Instead of the current pop-out window, some are seeing an integrated frame for when you want to rate app write a review.

play store review Android lice

Reviews have a less stark transition with the new design.

I couldn’t trigger the change myself, so may be A/B testing the new feature or rolling it out slowly. Fire up the ay Store yourself see what you find.

The story behind the story: has made a considerable effort in the last year or so to really optimize every aspect of the ay Store. It can tap into your Gmail for recommendations lets you pre-register for apps. More downloads means more money, so you should see such tweaks all the time as tries to find the right formula.