atsApp launches document-sharing feature with initial support for Fs

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 2 Mar 2016

atsApp is sending out a new feature that lets you send files directly through the popular messaging service.

Some have spotted a server-side switch that enables you to share Fs (the only supported file type for now) to another contact.

whatsapp share files Android lice

atsApp now lets you send a F to one of your contacts.

en you touch the paperclip button you’ll see an option to send a document, along with buttons for Camera, Gallery, Audio, cation, Contact.

However, if the recipient doesn’t have the update, you won’t be able to send anything (see below).

whatsapp documents

If your contact doesn’t have the update you won’t be able to use the file-sharing feature.

This is one of those staggered rollouts, so you may just need some patience if it hasn’t hit you yet. You can always join the ay Store beta program or grab the latest beta file from A Mirror in hopes of speeding things along.

The story behind the story: Messaging is growing beyond just the exchange of text pictures. Facebook’s Messenger, for example, has griose plans to turn the service into a shopping platform. Give how much time people spend messaging, expect for companies to find more ways to keep you in the conversation.