Samsung’s Galaxy S7 will be unveiled on February 21, with possible return of the microSD slot

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 Feb 2016

Samsung has announced we’ll get our first official look at the Galaxy S7 at Mobile rld Congress on Feb. 21. 

However, you don’t have to wait to find out what the phones will look like, if VentureBeat’s Blass is to believed with his latest leaks. On the face of it the phones seem like, well, Galaxy phones, with Samsung again going for some type of ge configuration along with a stard GS7. There’s talk of a 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 ge model to go along with the 5.1-inch flat model.

galaxy s7 angle VentureBeat

It may be another year with microB ports for the next Galaxy phones.

There are a few other details floating around out there. For example, we should see a return of expable microSD storage, which is a popular feature among those who have used Android in the past, missing from many recent flagship phones. Marshmallow integrates external storage much better now, making it a more usable feature.

However, as the renderings indicate we may still have microB charging ports, which means all your old cords will be good for at least another year. But that means you won’t get B Type C, as found with the Nexus 6 5X. 

There’s some uncertainty about which phones will see the Snapdragon 820 or use Samsung’s own Exynos chip. Samsung has used different chips in the same model before, as it may want to leverage Qualcomm’s strengths with E modems for U.S. markets. th each release the company tends to produce variations for each market, so such little hardware tweakings are to be expected.

y this matters: Given that we may have reached peak smartphone, a new Galaxy S7 may not excite the masses as such flagships once did. But it’s still one of the biggest flagships of the year, we’ll be there in Barcelona for all the Mobile rld Congress action. Be sure to check out our hs-on coverage first impressions when Samsung gives its big reveal.