Samsung’s gold-plated Gear S2 set to launch with $520 price tag

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 25 Jan 2016

Samsung’s gold smartwatch might be heading to our shores soon. The company announced Monday that the Gear S2 Classic New ition will begin rolling out first to China, with an eventual trip here to other countries.

ile Samsung didn’t announce a specific price, it’s available for pre-order in Europe for €480. That would put it at about $520.

It’s significantly cheaper than a gold Apple tch, which starts at $10,000. However, that’s because the Gear is only gold-plated with a stainless steel body, whereas Apple’s offering is made of solid gold.

It’s also worth noting that like the Gear S2, the new watch will run Samsung’s Tizen OS instead of Android ar. ile our review found a lot to like, it could be a dealbreaker if you’d rather stick to ’s ecosystem.

y this matters: If there’s a product that can be done in gold, it seems just about everyone is willing to give it a try. Samsung offers many of its flagship phones in gold plating, Huawei recently announced a gold Nexus 6/a>. As a new year’s worth of phones begin to launch, it will be worth noting if any other companies jump on this gold rush.