Show your holiday spirit with these festive Android ar watch faces

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 14 Dec 2015

Santa is always watching
roid wear santa

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Even if you don’t feel the joy of the holiday season, it’s pretty easy to fake it with a lovely holiday watch face. st as we saw on Halloween, there are a lot of ways to put the season’s symbols characters on your wrist. ether it be Santa, snowmen, reindeer, or other wintry favorites you’ll easily have a great talking piece solid proof that you’re in the holiday spirit. st look down at Santa every time you need a little boost of joy.

tmas tch Faces
christmas watch face

If you’re the type whose house can be seen at night from space because of the 5,000 lights you put up, then this is the watch face for you. ong with a glistening face that’s exploding with lights, there are several other options that will scream, “CHRISTMAS!” to anyone who comes within 50 feet of you. You can rapidly pick a new face by touching the screen (disable this feature by touching the tiny lock icon). 

tmas tch Faces ($1.05)

tmas tch Face
christmas watch face

This is a fun, creative choice if you want to delight children or co-workers with a happy, cartoon Santa. There are five different ambient modes, so you’ll be able to differentiate the look even if you’re in the low power state. so, expect flying ornaments zany objects to liven up the on-screen experience.

tmas tch Face ($1)

Santa Tracker
santa tracker

is sure not to be left out when it comes to getting into the holiday craze. The company’s Santa Tracker app follows the jolly one’s journey on tmas Eve, but it also comes with some fun games an Android ar watchface. It’s pretty single-purpose with a happy Santa in his sleigh or a comical elf, but it might be enough to get you going with some festive spirits.

Santa Tracker (Free)

tmas Countdown tch Face
christmas countdown

en your five-year-old asks you for the twelth time this afternoon how many days there are until tmas, you’ll have the answer one wrist flick away. tmas Countdown pins it down to the second, which could serve as a joyful reminder or cause for panic depending on where you’re at with all the preparations. 

tmas Countdown (Free)

nter ar
winter wear

Turn your watchface into your personal wonderl. Among the two choices that come with nter ar, you’re able to manipulate the  flurry of snowflakes, size, the wind speed, intensity of the gravity. Once you’re done playing God, you can sit back enjoy the work of your hs. 

nter ar (Free)

Holiday tch Faces
holiday watch faces

rhaps your preference in watch faces is for something subtle. Holiday tch Faces is a good alternative, with gentle designs of a snowman, polar bear, penguin. They’re cute, put a sense of wintry calm on your Android ar watch. The ambient mode is rather clever as well, leaving an outline of the figure so you still have some of that design when the screen goes dark.

Holiday tch Faces (Free)

tmas Village
christmas village

If you’re not able to get to a picturesque, snowy town for tmas then at least you can put one on your watch. tmas Village doesn’t give you a lot of customization options, but it’s a good choice if you’d just rather set something on your watch with the holiday spirit then get on with your shopping, cooking, or (hopefully) relaxation.

tmas Village ($1)

nter tchface
winter watchface

This is a good middle-of-the-road choice if you want something with some customization, but not too many options to overwhelm you.

My favorite was the Santa stuck in the chimney, which may be a good talking point for that next office party you’ll have to attend.

Tip: even though it’s called tmas tchface in the ay Store, it’ll show up as “nter watchface” inside your Android ar app.

tmas tch Face (Free)

Snow tch
snow watch

Sometimes simple is best. If that’s your philosophy, then grab Snow tch. It’s pretty straightforward, with a snowy scene a tall tmas tree. The ambient mode leaves a digital analog time on your watch, along with some drifting snow. 

Snow tch (Free)

HuskyDEV tmas tch Face

The name may be a little funky, but there’s a lot of cool creativity going on with this watch face. You can enable animations, such as flying reindeer to liven up the screen. The watch face also puts the battery life, steps, weather on the screen, which could be useful for when you’re racing through the mall to finish all that shopping.

HuskyDEV tmas tch Face ($1.69)